No, currently Fanflix promotions are only available in the U.S., see our Terms of Use for additional details.

When you make a purchase, Fanflix will provide a 'Watch Now' link for you to complete redemption, this way you don't have to manually type in the redemption code.

Redemption codes that are distributed by Fanflix are guaranteed to work at a retailer and are authorized by the content provider. However, occasionally your redemption code may not work due to unforeseen reasons. In that case, please contact Fanflix support.

Yes, when you buy a code for a particular retailer you need to sign-up or login to your existing account at that retailer. While there is no additional cost after you obtain your purchased movie from Fanflix, signing up to a retailer account may require adding a credit card for verification purposes.

Redemption codes allow you to redeem at a participating retailers, such as iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, or FandangoNow to stream or download your purchase. Please note, retailer capabilities differ, so please make sure you select the retailer you are familiar with.

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